Thursday, August 26, 2010

hey hey

hi guys.i'm currently uploading pics of the make up that i use both on myself and my clients.this blog will show what i use from start to finish. starting with my skin care products.i basically use BAKING SODA as a face scrub or mask. and it works really well.but ever so often i wash my face with a face wash fro OLAY or i use the st ives apricot scrub,but all in all i prefer BAKING i no but its great.
Next is toning, a very important and vital step in skin care,i use arista's tone or RICE WATER.jus soak rice in some warm water for a couple mins and use it on your face.sounds freaky but it works pretty good. you could also use witches hazel. its supposed to be really good but i think its too harsh for my skin so,its up to you.
 MOISTURIZING,when it comes to moisturizers i prefer the OLAY uv expert moisturizer. its just  really good.
MY make up application continues with foundation,powder,blush eyeliner and shadow,lipstick or gloss and mascara. below are some of the make up i use ambrosia lust dust palette
2.some miscellaneous eyeshadows
3 some colored beauty treats liquid liners(great colors.),a black liquid liner by STILA,an AVON mascara MAC mascara,and a black eyeliner pencil.
4. my foundations and power, i use BLACK OPAL, because i find it works great with many different skin tones and gives great coverage,along with an invisible powder and concealor wand from black opal
5.blushes and bronzers. i find that corals and orangey tones go good with my complexion. i use SACHA,ARISTA AND JORDANA.
6.NEXT IS MY SACHA BRIGHTS PALETTE,along with a couple single sacha shadows i own.
7. these are my lipsticks. brush set from elf which i love sooooo very much
9. and last but not least is a pic of my skin care products.


                cleanse tone and moisturise.   these are the products i use. off and on.